Frequently Asked Questions


Executive office suites are private fully furnished offices within a larger building with common amenities. Hill Valley has over 45 private offices. Some of our Tenants are short term and only using the space as temporary office space. While others are here for a permanent place to grow their business.  Our shared common spaces offer luxurious surroundings in our kitchen, lounges, and receptionist area. No office is complete without great meeting rooms, training rooms, printer, copiers and scanners and of course plenty of bathrooms. 

These modern features give the typical small business the same amenities as high-end corporate offices without having all the costs and expenses of starting a new office from scratch with all the expenses associated with it.

Typically executive suites also offer free internet, Wifi, electric, water, trash removal, and office cleaning.

Hill Valley Suites offers single offices as well as team offices. These offices are configured to accommodate from 1 to 4 people comfortably in a day-to-day work environment. In addition, Hill Valley Suites also offers meeting room, conference rooms,and training room rentals.  Each office gets their own business mailbox, however if you only need a mailbox Hill Valley offers that too. Business mailboxes are great for people who need the address while they continue working from home and want to portray a professional appearance. 

We offer a variety of sizes and shapes in our offices. A typical office can accommodate one person to four people. We do have larger offices available from time to time. Our sizes range from 80sqft to 600 sqft. If a larger room is not available for your larger staff we can place them over multiple offices as they come available.

Our address is 1211 Tech Blvd, Suite 109, Tampa Florida. The building is located about 5 minutes from I-4, I-75, Selmon Expressway and the Brandon Mall. This location makes it easy to get back and forth from work to home no matter what part of town you live in.

Touring our building is easy. We always recommend an appointment to make sure someone is available to show you around M-F from 9:30-4.  If you are in the area feel free to stop by and we will do our best to show you around.  Lastly, you can fill out our tour request form and we’ll get you in quickly.

Hill Valley Suites is a one-of-a-kind office. The owner  created the space with the Tenant in mind after having a horrible experience at one of the “corporate” business centers, we wanted a space which made everyone feel welcome and part of a warm environment. Learning from everything the corporate environment did wrong, we strive to make your stay at Hill Valley Suites super comfortable whether you are only here a few months or a few years.


Our offices range from as little as $475 a month up to $1,200 per month depending on the size of the office and the amount of people working in the offices.

Lease terms are as short as 6 months up to multi year leases depending on what your needs and goals are.

Calculating move in fees are simple. The formula is first month’s rent plus security deposit and key deposit. Security deposit is $800 and key deposit is $100 per key set.

All our offices are unique and come fully furnished and expertly decorated. A typical office has a North American made Desk, High Back Task Chair, Guest Chair(s), Desk Lamp, Filing Cabinet or bookshelf and modern custom decorations. Additional furniture needs can be addressed based on our current availability.

Unfortunately, our building is set up for longer term rentals and cannot accommodate situational renters.

When you lease at Hill Valley Suites, you have your private office, receptionist to greet your clients, dual personal internet, WiFi, mail services, free spring water, kitchen access, lounge access, 100 free prints a month, unlimited scans, faxing, free parking, and free coffee. Not to mention you working in one of the best buildings in Tampa Bay allows you to treat yourself and impress your clients.

No matter how fast you grow, you can always add more people to your office. Extra person fees are $100 per month per person. If you outgrow your office, you can always move to another larger office in the building as it becomes available. We always offer new spaces to current clients first before we advertise to the outside public.


Hill Valley Suites is open to the public from 8:45 am to 4:45 pm every week day Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Clients have keyed access from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm seven days a week. Once you are in the building, you can work later if needed but the exterior doors do not allow re-entry after 8:00 pm.

Entries and exits are access controlled. The building also has 24 Hour video surveillance. The surveillance system is locally monitored and can be remotely monitored as well. Lastly there are two other comprehensive security protocols that we don’t share with the public.

There are three exits and only one entrance. Reception will greet all guests and find out who they are here to see. Guests are required to sign in upon entry. Then, guests will be escorted by office staff or Tenants to their specific suite then will be escorted to the exit. We make sure that there are no disruptions to the working environment.


Clients of Hill Valley Suites enjoy plenty of free parking, beautifully landscaped campus, outdoor lounge area, receptionist, meeting rooms, training room, dual high speed internet providers, HIPPA compliant secured VPN network for both wired and WiFi connections, pleasant atmosphere, fully stocked kitchen with refrigerator, lounge (lunch area) that seats up to 26 people, vending machine & helpful office staff.

We do offer notary services free of charge to all clients. We ask that clients schedule notary services since the notary is not on site 100% of the time.

Each office has available meeting room hours they can use per week for our contemporary meeting rooms, teleconference rooms, and training rooms. Booking conference rooms are easy.

We currently have two internet providers. The primary is 500/500 Mb/s and the secondary is 100/100 Mb/s. The primary is always the first connection, if the first provider should go out, the system fails over to the secondary provider within 15 seconds. In addition, each office has its own VPN tunnel to the internet both in wired and WiFi connections. This means you aren’t “sharing” a network connection with other clients here at Hill Valley Suites.

Hill Valley Suites takes care of all utilities such as electricity, internet, water & garbage. The only utility we don’t provide is phone service. Most of our clients use their own personal cell phones for their business and those who need desk phones can bring in any VOIP provider they wish.

We only buy North American made furniture. All furniture is made by Groupe Lacasse (Canada). Quality furniture is the cornerstone of any good office. Many executive offices buy inexpensive China made furniture from Ikea or similar quality and only provide the cheapest furniture they can find, which is not comfortable to work in and only lasts a few years. Here at Hill Valley Suites we went the other direction, we chose a furniture company which has a great reputation in office furniture and is built to last. Our office furniture not only looks fantastic it’s great to work on too.

We have a full size business class printer available for all our clients to use. This way our Tenants don’t have to bring in their own printer if they don’t want to. Each office has 100 prints per month which can be for either color or black and white use. If you need more prints, they are billed at $0.15 per copy. You can also scan to your email from the printer if you need at no charge.

We’ve had clients in the past who wanted to bring in their own office furniture instead of using our furniture. That is absolutely allowed and we would be happy to schedule your move in a day with the office staff. Use of your own furniture is a personal choice and does not reduce the lease amount. All Furniture must be built before the Tenant moves in and scheduled with the office.

We know that everyone has their own taste in coffee, that’s why we provide multiple different coffee products. We provide fresh brewed Dunkin Donut coffee, Espresso Pods & KCUPs daily with all the fixin’s. In addition there is a tea selection with a kettle and when you get a sweet tooth, hot chocolate is always available as well.

During these times the office staff wipes down all common area surfaces twice per day. Trash is removed twice per week as well. The building common areas are professionally cleaned each week. Each office is professionally cleaned on a regular basis.


We do allow meeting room rentals, however our Tenants and business address clients receive first priority.

Meeting rooms for our Tenants only can be scheduled before opening and after closing as available. Please schedule with reception to book your meeting room.

We have one meeting room setup for Skype & Zoom. If you need help getting your meeting up and running on our equipment you will have to schedule it in advance.

There are many different types of devices that people have these days. Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Windows, Mac, Linux. We have multiple ways to do presentations from using direct connect features through the TV itself to multiple devices like Chromecast, Microsoft Wireless adapter & HDMI cables available to use.

All offices receive meeting room time available to them every week.

Both of our meeting rooms can accommodate up to eight people comfortably.


The training room has a 65” TV and extra lighting for training scenarios. We can set up the training room in a few different configurations depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

For presentations which do not require desks, we can set it up with only chairs. For training sessions, we have two different configurations, U-Shape and Classroom. U-Shape is aligned to the large TV and fits six people very comfortably. Classroom has six tables and twelve chairs to accommodate more people.

U-Shape can fit six (6) people, Classroom can fit twelve (12) people, Chair only can fit eighteen (18) people.


A Business Mailbox (Virtual Address) at Hill Valley Suites is a physical mailbox with an address for you to use for all your business mail and address registration. This gives the client the opportunity to present to the world a prestigious business address while working from home.

The main reason to obtain a business mailbox is you wouldn’t want all your business mail and your clients having your home address publicly available. A Business Mailbox allows you for a minimal cost, to protect your privacy and present a better business image to your clients.

With a Business Mailbox rental you get the physical box at our office at 1211 Tech Blvd, access to meeting, conference room & training room rentals (for an additional per usage fee) and the ability to meet your clients for sales meeting here at Hill Valley Suites.

Our current rate is $39.95 per month with a one year lease.

If you find that your business is growing and you need to expand you can move to a private furnished office. Just let us know you’d like to get into the next office available and we’ll offer you the offices which are coming open first before we advertise them to the public. The private office space lease would terminate the business mailbox lease if desired.


One of the first reasons is ease of use. In a traditional commercial office space, the client is responsible for all the utilities, maintenance, presentation, and condition of the premises which add to the time and expense of renting your own commercial office space.

The savings of utilizing a shared office space vs. a traditional office rental is enormous. Electric, Water, Trash Collection, adding an employee as receptionist, janitorial costs, maintenance, etc. It’s not a stretch to say that you can save up to 75% of a standalone office rental with an office here at Hill Valley Suites.